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Anarchist Work Groups and 1-to-3 Organising

“We cannot wait to act until popular political viewpoints recognize revolutionary anti-capitalism as a valid and legitimate political position. If the political landscape is going to be altered radically, it is going to be altered by the self-directed activity of … Continue reading

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Lynch your Landlord: An Interview with SeaSol

I did this interview a while back with a Seattle Solidarity Network organiser. What are Solidarity Networks? The ‘Solidarity network’ is one way of organising which has the potential for dual power. In a nutshell, they are networks which span across different … Continue reading

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Build solidarity unionism

“The tendency to obey comes from systematic socialization of society that obedience constitutes correct conduct.” Look through the mainstream newspapers this month and you’ll see hundreds of articles accusing workers and the unemployed of being thugs, greedy, lazy, unlawful, unreasonable … Continue reading

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